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     The world is such a busy place-That’s a fact. If you are a busy person, you cannot avoid feeling less energy at certain times of the day doing everything to get things done. Depending on your activities, feeling weak can be a constant daily discomfort for many. Having less or worse-no energy at all to do stuff even though you are not sick is not ideal to neither be productive nor enjoy the day.

     So, what does one do to feel energized, enthusiastic and on the beat when you go through your daily routine? People have a thousand and one activities that they devote  time in to make a day productive and sensible. With demands from work, household chores, studies, extra-curricular activities , many will obviously feel exhausted, overwhelmed and de-energized in accomplishing a days’ to do list.

     Here are some tips for boosting your energy levels.

     1. Exercise, exercise and more exercise

    Being active, walking, running, sweating, moving the body, and getting the heart pumping is a great way to boost both mood and energy. Our body releases feel-good hormones as a response to the exercise resulting towards a feeling of being energized and active.

     Regular exercise improves circulation, endurance and muscle strength, which helps to go about the day with less stress. Exercise helps the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently by distributing oxygen and nutrients to the body, you’ll feel more energized.

     2. Drink more green juice

    Some considers green juice from green leafy vegetables as their daily IV vitamin shot to feel energized. Because all the fiber is removed in a juice, the nutrients from the vegetables get distributed quickly to the cells. Green vegetables are also full of chlorophyll, a potent antioxidant that supports cleansing. Take a break from coffee once in a while and try a full glass of green juice next time you’re in a low mood and see how it transforms how you feel.

    3. Yoga is great for restoration

    Yoga can have tremendous benefits on your energy as it can be invigorating and restorative, also helping recharge your batteries and move energy (prana) through your body. In particular, poses that turn you upside down or elevate the legs higher than your torso help energize your body and mind. By draining fluids from the legs and flushing the head and organs with fresh blood, these upside-down poses leave us feeling invigorated!  Many have tried a 15 minutes of lying with legs up the wall is as restorative as a 2 hour  nap.

    4. Green and White Tea + Yerba Mate

   Swap out coffee for something a little less stimulating. Sure – you may still want a  a shot of caffeine in the morning or afternoon to help you stay focused and sharp, but coffee is acidic, depleting and can contain too much caffeine. Green and white tea is better options that still contain some caffeine, yet are easier on the body and adrenals. Yerba mate is another option. This brew has been a South American favorite for centuries. Interestingly it contains compounds that have been found to have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue and yet a stimulating effect on myocardial (heart) tissue, improve mood and increase mental energy.

     5. Shun the Energy-Drainers

    Certain foods, drinks and habits that people indulge in can zap strength and drain energy. Alcohol, sugar and processed foods –are the popular ones mostly consumed by people. Start monitoring your diet to identify foods that may be sensitive to your body resulting to energy draining.  Eliminate these “negative” ones and you might find a whole new level of energy.

     6. Rest is very important

    Who does not need rest?  Our body needs rest, sleep and relaxation. If you consistently feel tired and sluggish then it’s about time to examine how much rest you’re actually getting!  Do you get enough sleep hours to wake up refresh and energize? Everybody need to take time to switch off activities and restore even for a few moments in the day. Most people needs at least 7-8 hours at night to support the body to function well. Falling asleep can at times become a struggle to some and requires some action and solutions. Try some gentle yoga poses or meditate. Use essential oils or natural ways to treat yourself  to some restful self care; some acupuncture, a SPA day or a full body massage.

     7. Add Supplement to your diet

   Oftentimes, we do not get enough vital nutrients from most of the food we eat daily. If you’re in need of a little extra boost, try the Energy Formula that contains nutrients that specifically support the mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell and it’s energy production. If you deal with a lot of stress, adaptogens can be useful herbal supporters as it helps the body better in adapting stress, anxiety and healthy regulation of cortisol.

      These tips are very simple and definitely can make a ton of difference to boost your energy. Living a lifestyle of correct diet, enough sleep, ample exercise and clean living will truly help you feel better about yourself in having a happy, energized and longer life.

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